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Monday, May 21, 2018

Killer Klowns from Outer Space 30th Anniversary A Circus

"Are those clowns bothering you miss?"

That's what I wanted to say when we first arrived the Killer Klowns from Outer Space 30th Anniversary. Killer klowns were walking up and down the street in the line for the event. TTDILA was covering the cult classic creepy clown night and delighting the local Chipotle's employees with balloon hats and balloon guns later that night. It was a spectacular night of murder, music and balloon art. Taking place in Hollywood at the Montalbán Theater, Saturday May 19th, 2018 was the 30th anniversary of the film that made a generation say, "In space no one can eat ice cream" in parody of Alien.

We didn't have ice cream, but we did have plenty of booze. Before the live show Montalbán was serving drinks. Sadly, no Killer Klown Kocktail. While, grabbing something to get past your honking nose you might notice one of the fans who went all out and dressed like their own Killer Klown. You could see walls of creepy clown art, masks and a man making balloon hats.

Give that man an award and hire him for every new event in LA as his strange balloon head gear started to take over the heads of many of the fans. Be it ice cream or creepy clown heads, soon many of us were wearing a colorful piece of twisted rubber for the special occasion. Some of us were even sporting a killer clown gun also made of balloons.

Before the stage show began there would be toilet paper launched from air guns spewing out on fans and the opportunity to take photos with Killer Klowns, the cast and crew. Heck, the cast and crew were nice enough to stay after the whole show and chat with fans. And the klowns didn't even kill anyone...

Inside the theater fans were treated to a Q&A with the films stars Grant Cramer & Suzanne Snyder before they were joined by Chiodo brother who created the film and are known by horror fans for their special effects expertise. The Q&A lasted for about an hour, much of which was thank fans for enjoying their film.

Before the Q&A ended there was a surprise, someone proposed in front of the cast & crew and the whole audience. Luckily, she said yes and we had another reason to celebrate. Who doesn't want to get proposed to at the 30th Anniversary of Killer Klowns?

What happened next was an amazing show with both a a live band, The Dickies and a live orchestra, the Hollywood Chamber Orchestra. What a wonderful performance, hearing a live soundtrack to the film blew away the audience and myself. From car chases to kills the live orchestra knocked us out with its beautiful tones. It's truly one of those experiences where you need to be there in person as the movie becomes more alive. The film’s composer, John Massari did an amazing job conducting the performance and getting the orchestra for the show.

Has Killer Klowns aged well, oh it's dumb. It'll make you wonder just how weird it was in the 80's for this to be allowed and before cheap CGI was available, because the special effects are still fun to watch, but look good for their time. Who doesn't want to see a shadow puppet munch on some bus stop patrons or see someone turned into cotton candy?

The 30th Anniversary just goes to show how much we love horror in this town when it's not even Halloween. Killer Klowns invaded Hollywood over the weekend and at the very least made the final hour at working  Chipotle's a little bit more fun when we rolled in with balloon hats and a balloon gun.