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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Hype: Rick and Morty Renewed For 70 Episodes

Well, put another nail in the coffin for Justin Roiland, creator of Ricky and Morty there's no way he's gonna last through the 70 episodes of the show that just got ordered by Adult Swim. Roiland, if you've seen him on social media or heard about him from friends is at best probably not long for this world. He'll probably end up overdosing or committing suicide, but before then, we'll get some cool episodes of the show.

After some back and forth on social media about when we would see new episodes of Rick and Morty over the last few months and hearing the news it hadn't even been renewed for another season, it was heart breaking for fans. But, today from Roiland himself and Dan Harmon, co-creator, confirmed 70 new episodes ordered for the series.

At the earliest will still probably see the show at the end of 2019 as nothing has even been written yet.