Monday, May 21, 2018

Candytopia: Enjoy Touring A World of Candy

Over the weekend, we at TTDILA went on a wondrous pop-up adventure perfect for pics and those with a sweet tooth. We went to Candytopia, a brand new adventure dedicated to candy, of course. Candytopia has you whipping around different candy lands where you'll both sample sweets and of course admire and take photos with them. We're going to take a bite out of what you'll be doing.

First up is a staging area, a place to get centered before entering the world of Candytopia. There's a large doorway that you'll wait for to open. In the mean time, you"ll be asked to sign up for a qr code that can be displayed on your phone so that it can be scanned at various parts throughout the exhibit for some special pictures. We suggest doing it as those are some great pics you won't be able to capture with just your phone.

Candytopia will open up to you shortly after and you'll be able to sign a giant guest book and meet an interesting fellow who will tell you the ins and outs about Candytopia. In no time, you"ll be eating some candy and be off to another section checking out candy art. Not edible, but art made of candy from Andy Warhol's work to Van Gogh all made out of sweets. It's some stunning jelly bean masterpieces.

After, you"ll enter an undersea world filled with a treasure chest of pixie sticks. There's plenty of photo ops to take of sea life made out of sweets. You can even have one where it looks like a candy shark is scarfing you down.

Off to another area where you can hula hoop in a rainbow and look like you're flying in the sky thanks to some optical illusions. It's another great spot for photos. Though we had a lot of fun taking selfies, there was also a giant inflated ball that we had fun tossing around with some kids.

Then, you"ll hang ten in a tropical candy area down a rainbow staircase. Jump on a board with a super fan blowing on you for some stylish surfing shots or recline in a hammock while licking a lollipop.

After, you can pop in to the marshmallow pool. Oh, yeah! Didn't see this one coming. At the end you"ll be able to "swim" around in a pool of marshmallows. No, they aren't they real things, but they're close. Kids and adults agree, you'll not want to get out after your time is up.

It's so hard to describe, but the closes thing might be a ball pit or foam pit. It can get kind of hard to get through, but isn't that the point? It's sort of a magical moment that leaves you with some amazing shots and maybe the want of some hot cocoa on a cold day.

Really, it was probably our favorite part past the room that shot confetti everywhere. That room was crazy and colorful.  Let's just say you can be a parade onto yourself or just look like you came from an amazing party.

It all ends in a candy store and gift shop so you can buy some candy, but each new area you travel to in Candytopia gives you some. So, maybe save it for the car ride  home.

Still, the confetti and marshmallow pit were our favorites and they are definitely worth seeing while the pop-up remains open until the start of July. Get some good photos and some candy before it leaves LA. 

Now -July 4
Monday - Saturday: 10AM to 8:30PM
Sunday: 11AM to 8:30PM
Santa Monica Place Mall
395 Broadway #142
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Located in the East Court near Bloomingdale's on the 2nd level.
Adults: $30
Children ages 4-12: $23
Children age 3 and under: Free!
Children of all ages must be accompanied by an adult.