Thursday, May 3, 2018

Little Tokyo New & Notable

Retro Game Camp is still around, we thought it might lose it's edge, but the people of LA like old Japanese games and consoles.

Bae, is a desert cafe. They have soft serve, donuts, coffee and a buinh of other treats. Their ice cream is one of those charcoal types so you have cones that taste a bit like oreo cookies. It's a must try if you just want a little something in Little Tokyo. It has a very monochrome look inside.

Chinchikurin Hiroshima Okonomiyaki just opened up a few months back, good-bye, Mr. Pizza. It features a lot of Okonomiyaki to try. They're sort of like a layered pancake, super filling. Come hungry for this place, though, they do have a big selection of takoyaki you can order from outside.