Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Dapper Cadaver For All Your Horror Needs

When you need a coffin lickety split or a human head to scare some half-wits then head to Burbank just past Fry's... and head to Dapper Cadaver, some dead bodies are inside.

Listen, not my best jingle, but Dapper gives that feeling of a shop you can wander into and pick some lovely props to scare the sh*t out of friends or make your movie scary as heck. And that's the primary reason Dapper Cadaver exists, it's a horror prop house, they're making monsters inside.

On a dark and gloomy Thursday afternoon we wandered in. It had been so long since last we visited Dapper we didn't notice that Dapper was in a new location, not that far from it's last, still hugging Burbank, still more in the office and industrial area right past the train tracks.

What may look like a doctor's office up front is really a prop house that anyone can enter during business hours to check out all sorts of horror props. They've got coffins, skulls and body parts in jars all waiting for you to pick out the pieces you need.

It doesn't look like a super market, though the work shop in back looks like a slaughter house for cannibals, it's mostly a place to pick up props for purchase or rent for movies. But, this is LA, so you could rent or buy props for a party or just to have some really "interesting" decor.

We're kind of struck by the amazing amount of creepy collectibles we found inside at this 13 year operation that has moved around LA over the years. Who doesn't want to rent a dinosaur skull for some big get together? Right?

For first timers, don't be worried about coming if you're going during open hours. There's parking across the street right near the chain link fence overlooking the train track. Then  you've go to ring the door bell and they should let you in. At first look the place doesn't look that friendly for visitors, but the staff showed us around and was helpful with all our questions.

So, if you're planning Halloween way early or want props made for a horror movie you might want to stop by.

7648 San Fernando Rd.
Los Angeles, CA 91352
Hours: Mon - Fri 9am to 6pm PST
(818) 771-0818

 *They had a BBQ Apron that looked like it came from a cannibal movie, but looked way to hot to wear if really BBQing.

*A fine selection of fake weapons, I'm sure if you need a fake piece of wood or shovel for skit that would have it in for you.

*Don't go looking for costumes, this is a prop house, go to Halloween Town in nearby Burbank for whatever else you're planning.