Friday, May 11, 2018

Coca-Cola Georgia Peach and California Raspberry

If you haven't seen it in on shelves we don't blame you, we just spotted it a week ago. But, if you see it and want to spend the extra dough then try the new Coca-Cola Georgia Peach and California Raspberry. We hadn't seen it at our local Ralph's, but while visiting friends in Granada Hills we spied these two new tastes at had to buy each one. They weren't cheap at they're only a four pack. We paid nearly $6 for each four-pack.

We totally fell in love for the Georgia Peach flavor, the fruity tasty seemed to perfectly meld with coke. California Raspberry just doesn't seem to work, it's overpowered by the coke taste and gets a little kick down if you try the Georgia Peach first. Either way, a sweet new thing to try over the weekend if you haven't already.

You can find where it's sold closes to you here.