Friday, May 11, 2018

Game Hype: E3 Expo and New Merch

You can buy passes to the new version of E3, E3 Expo June 12-14  Just remember a lot of the big game companies have left E3 to show off their own stuff at different events that"ll be happening in June around LA. It'll also cost you $249 for a three day pass with no option of a one day.

-Check out some of the new stuff from Fangamer. There's a lot of subtly from games in Japan, isn't there?

Persona 5 - Big Bang Burger by Tony Kuchar


Metal Slug SV-001 Hoodie by Jon Kay $49
Check out these gaming pins from Midnight Dogs going for $10 each. I think only the Tails one spins, and I just think the Yoshi Coin one from Super Mario World is too perfect from the game.