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Friday, September 8, 2017

Neo Yokio Looks Like ... What Is This Mess?

I don't even know where to begin with what looks like to be all hype and no substance. Neo Yokio has just slid into radar as I'm sure if there was more time to process it, the more people would hate it. It's coming to Netlfix for six episodes September 22. Coming from some guy in Vampire Weekend, with no prior experience in any other form of media, is an anime starring Jaden Smith as a playboy demon hunter. The voice cast is a lot of well known names that read like a dubbed Ghibli movie with Jude Law as a rob-buttler and Susan Sarandon as the demon hunter's Aunt.

From the clip above it looks like the show will mostly be a talky anime with very little action, it looks like a cheap fast production. And though Production I.G. is involved, their record is spotty at best right now with last year's mess that was Joker Game, hated by many for how boring an anime it was. However, you have their run this year with Magical Circle Guru-Guru and Welcome to the Ballroom. So it's at odds as what they can do, when they try.

From just looking at the trailer though you can see a cheapness and just a not very cool character designer at work. It looks generic, so generic you might not even notice it without the names attached and that's probably the point of why they are.