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Friday, September 22, 2017

Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite Review The Once Loved Series' Chinese Knock-Off

Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite is without a doubt the worst game in the Marvel Vs Capcom series. I'm glad it doesn't bear the title Marvel Vs Capcom 4, because it's not. It'll be forgotten and dismissed at just how bad it is.

The characters have never looked uglier. They've made it so bad Chun-Li's face had to be changed, because fans hated her face model so much before the game came out. Still, whoever designed these fighters went the way of porn in 4k. We don't need to see everything. The designer should be murdered or at least fall from a very high place and injure himself with costly bills.

Morrgan, a long time Darkstalkers favorite, looks like a snake with freckles up close. I dare not put a picture up here or you'll turn to stone.The rest of designs just border on lazy and ugly.

Costumes, what costumes? In the last game you had some fun options, but this time around. Oy, what a mess. Let's put in some fun favorites like stealth Iron Man or USA Agent. Or why not even have movie costumes? That's the whole reason the game has this cast.

Then, what's an absolutely insult is the roster of characters. There's nowhere the amount as in previous games. I mean a short play session with all the characters made me just want to start playing MVC3.

Old time favorites are missing for the most childish of reasons. Wolverine and Deadpool aren't in the game, because Fox owns the movie rights. Who cares Disney? You own the rights in games, you can do whatever you want. This absolute pettiness for anything not directly connected to you.

There's a few new characters on Marvel's side like Ultron, Ms.Marvel and Gamora. Compared to who else Marvel could choose and Capcom, no one is impressed. Just keeping adding the characters and not as DLC, you rip-off artists.

Why not just go all in and just go completely new characters to the series...oh wait, that would be hard and not easy to do. They would at least be praised for trying whole new characters, but they really just wanted our hate this time.

*Really, as a fan growing up with the series, I can't even say how much of a let down this was. I read another review just attacking the menu system for how poor it was. I can't even remember if it had a soundtrack.

Pure fodder for let's plays was the worst story ever. Story mode is like...someone you wish would die. Like that person would make the world a better place if they were just dead. The game will do beter if it's taken out. Make and update to take it away or let some re-dub it to be funny. If the Japanese wrote it and directed it, it goes to the old adage that they simply can't make a movie, not one with a plot that makes sense. If it was Marvel, it just goes to show how sh*tty they are at writing crossover stories anymore. Guys, guys let's do Civil War II.

Gameplay adds some fun with the Infinity Gems. The Infinity Gems, called  Power Stones in the game, which is a joke, because there's a game from Capcom called Power Stone, give you some neat special abilities like transporting instantly behind your opponent with the Time Gem or sucking back health with the Soul Gem. Power packs a punch and I believe, Mind keeps you in a box. The rest all have a special abilities you may find useful. You can power them up and change the screen the color of the gem for ten seconds and gives you even greater abilities. This was a fun new idea. There's no problem with that.

However, they took away three on three battle. So it's two on two, which just is missing something. Having the screen coming alive a launching an attack where all three of your crew are dealing out damage? That's dead.

So let me put on my green little accountant hat. Add the ugly, the two on two battles, minus a third playable character. Minus a big roster and a story written by animated garbage. Carry the 2, it sucks.

They game should be forgotten. Even hard core fighters will tell you it looks ugly, but it may be on the fighter circuits and linger online, because nothing else has come out in years.

It's like a cheap Chinese knock-off was made with more money than usual for English voice actors.

Capcom has just let everyone down with this forgotten game. There was so much hope when this "game" was first announced, but now getting it and seeing how little went into it. It'll never be seen as a lost gem.

Don't waste your money. Let Capcom and Marvel now they screwed this one up.