Thursday, September 7, 2017

Beyond Fest 2017 Tickets Go Up Tomorrow

Oh, jeez, you snuck up on me, Beyond Fest 2017. Yup, tickets go on sale tomorrow 9/8/17 at noon and they're gonna go fast! Beyond Fest has some amazing guests this year including our former Governor, Gray Davis, I mean Terminator, I mean Schwarzenegger with his old pal Jean Claud Van Damme. We get to watch Running Man and Predator and hear how insane Scwarzen-geezer is now! That's only the tip of the iceberg, check the full schedule.

Beyond Fest 2017
Sept 29-Oct 10
Egyptian Theatre

Where to even start with the selection, it's not Fantastic Fest, but damn, it might be my favorite film festival LA has. You're a close second SpectreFest, but you in trouble with The Cinefamily being out right now.

They're showing some amazing horror cult classics like Slumber Party Massacre 1 & 2 with guests in person. Hellraiser has an anniversary screening and Suspiria, a horror gem I keep hearing about on the Shock Waves podcast that's 40 years old and is being remade for this year, weird.

There's so many free screenings too. I'm not sure why, but lucky if you can make it, you got to go in person to grab a seat for those.

We're getting some amazing premiere's like Mayhem; office drama goes to high level violence real fast. My Friend Dahmer, which is actually not the West Coast Premiere, because it was at the LA Film Festival. We our however ending on the pure crazy of The Killing of the Sacred Deer, coming from Yorgos Lanthimos, it should just be insane.

Honestly though, if I had the time, I'd go see everything this year.