Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A Shop Called Quest The Best & Only Downtown Comic Book Store

A Shop Called Quest
300 South Santa Fe Unit B
Los Angeles, California
If you can find parking or just take a Lyft you can make it to one of the nicest comic book stores in all of Los Angeles,  A Shop Called Quest.
This comic book store has been operating for a year in LA's art district. Almost hidden if you didn't go out for the Rick and Morty mobile signing, it's like stumbling into what all comic book shops should be. A huge selection of titles. Shelves filled with graphic novels and hard to find books. Merch all along the store and pins near the counter.
If LA Weekly still has a best of section for comic book shops, this place should win. It's a vast collection that isn't trying any other gimmicks it's just a comic book store that's got probably the nicest modern layout, not yet filled with the clutter of older shops.
The only thing wrong is getting there is easier if you've already found parking nearby. It has it's own lot, with two hours free when validated, but it ain't big and the surrounding area is all pay lots. This is a place you might want to set out for on foot or already in the area and it is worth it.