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Friday, September 1, 2017

Bracketeering & Civic Doodle Last Games For Jackbox Party Pack 4

Changing it up with some new games instead of sequels are Bracketeering and Civic Doodle in the Fall release of Jackbox Party Pack 4.

Brackettering seems to be our break away favorite, not just on betting on what's your favorite candy to deep fry or what would like to haunt as a ghost...wait, those are the reasons. Civic Doodle on the other hand let's you and friends try and make your little town look a little nicer by having two people work on the same doodle. The group chooses the best doodle of the pair and from there you keep going choosing only what the group think is the best mural to represent your town. Be it a bee riding a star into and orphanage or just a very large duck eating mayo.

If you want to see how each game works, check out there game page describing each game in greater detail  with video.