Friday, September 8, 2017

Movie Hype: Top Knot Detective, Blade of the Immortal & The Square

With Beyond Fest tickets out today, it reminded to post some of my favorite movie trailers for upcoming films coming out.

Top Knot Detective

Oh, just wow! Top Knot Detective looks amazing for any fan of Japanese live action television or cinema for just how accurately it captures the crazy ideas the Japanese put in shows for children. It reminds me so much of Danger 5, it even has a cameo from that shows creator Dario Russo. It looks to be a Japanese/ Australian film, which ranks high on the crazy scale. If we had an Italian/ Japanese production are heads might explode.

Wait, I didn't even get to the plot, an obscure 90's Japanese Samurai Detective Drama has a documentary film on what happened behind the scenes and what happened behind the scenes seems almost as crazy as the show itself.

 No other place than Fantastic Fest this month, right now.

The Square

Why does this remind me of the LA high art scene so much. It's like the director read about LACMA or MOCA. This winner of the Palme d'Or at Cannesthis year is all about a curator running a museum to try and get as much attention as possible for the weirdest stuff. By chance did you hear about that tiny egg-shaped museum coming up from Mexico that will be at LACMA or the infinity mirror rooms at The Broad. What makes the movie stand out for me is that it goes over-the-top with some of the things are museums do. Did anyone order a $10 million dollar boulder.? Wait, that's real. Sigh.

Look for it in theaters out this October 27th

Blade of the Immortal
Also coming from Magnet. Yes, Magnet is releasing The Square too. We're getting Takashi Miike's 100th film. And it's about an immortal samurai on a mission of revenge. It's really hit or miss with Miike and this one looks like a hit. It's revenge, it's samurais and it's a guy who can pull himself together when his limbs get chopped off.

Out Nov 3.