Sunday, September 3, 2017

IndieCade Festival: 10th Anniversary Oct 6-8

Before we starting the endless articles about Halloween activities we want to make sure you mark your calendars for IndieCade in Little Tokyo this October 6-8. Our tiny taste of Tokyo will be transformed into an indie game paradise with multiple locations in the area bringing games of all sorts, be them video or card based. We here at TTDILA have been long time fans of IndieCade and can't wait to see what it'll be like in one of our favorite hang out spots in the city.

It's also the 10th Anniversary of IndieCade proper, so they best try and blow us away with some video game fun. Do we miss Culver City;first home to IndieCade? Yes. Did they pull it off at USC, last year? Yes. So, even if the location changes, they still know how to get games into the hands of fans and gamemakers.

Wristbands to attend start a $22.09, but go up in price based on day. Now, Saturday is the best day to go, because of night games. Night games are special games that sometimes have a more adult feel and usually kids are kicked out if under 18+.  Night Games are so popular it can be tickted separately if you just want to play them.

We'll have updates on games and activities as the event draws near next month to kick off a Halloween filled October.

IndieCade Festival: 10th Anniversary
Oct 6-8
Little Tokyo
$tarts $22.09, but go up in price based on day or event.