Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Castle in the Stars: The Space Race of 1869 Review

In this new French graphic novel translated to English- not that far off from a DuckTales adventure - a young boy tries to follow the dreams of his mother to go into space and gets entangled in a conspiracy among royalty and warring nations in Europe. It doesn't hurt that it looks gorgeous and would be a wonderful present for a young reader.

The story is all about the Aether, a strange substance that can let steam punk age creations travel to the stars. It's what Seraphin's Mother attempted to use to visit those stars. But who knew it would draw her son and husband into a crazy adventure, beautifully illustrated by Alex Alice, whose also the writer. Events lead Seraphin to find himself working for a Bavarian King, making new friends and figuring out a plot to stop those from stealing the plans for his Father's Aether ship.

It was a wonderful read, with some hi-jinks for Seraphin and and intrigue about the King wanting to visit the stars. He's a real, soulful type. He needs time to think. I guess it sucks being rich and powerful... Europeans and their love of royalty.

Just as the story reaches its climax we're left at a cliffhanger, which I have to say isn't fun, because it'll be months to a year for a new book, but will conclude the story then, which I'm kind of unsure because in France the book has a third book.

Get you aether on and starting read this wonderful new adventure.

Castle in the Stars: The Space Race of 1869

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