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Monday, September 25, 2017

IndieCade 2017 Update

Next month we're starting off October with one, if not our favorite gaming event in LA, IndieCade! The schedule and special events have dropped and you can see some of the fun activities taking place downtown in Little Tokyo. How about an entire open area for Exploding Kittens...the game. Not the real thing, that would just be horrible if it were real.

One of the other special events is playing Nidhogg 2 on a big screen.

IndieCade has also updated their game guide showing info on more than just the official nominees. And boy, do they have some weird games this year.

*Nidhogg 2 Tournament Friday Oct 6
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM / Democracy Forum Theater
The wurm has returned and it must feed! Shed your garments and paint the walls with the flesh of your enemies, for only one can be worthy of sacrifice. The rules are simple. Reach the other side and kill anyone that stands in your way. Deftly parry and rend their throats, riddle their bowels with arrows, or squish their brains between your toes. The wurm cares not for chivalry. Sequel to the indie hit of 2014, Nidhogg 2 builds upon the award-winning gameplay of its predecessor with new weapons to wield and levels to master, head-to-toe character customization, and the captivatingly grotesque art of Toby Dixon. And, with music from artists including Mux Mool, Geotic, Doseone, Osborne, and Daedelus, Nidhogg 2 has a soundtrack so good that even the menu screens are awesome.