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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Parasyte Visits LA, Leaches Off Fun From AX

Parasyte had a strong presence at Anime Expo, you could see flailing "Righty" mutant balloon hands as you entered the convention. Parasyte is the coming of age story we've all heard off before where your right hand is infected by an alien creature and gives you super powers at the cost of your humanity. The same old, same old story, right? This story has been floating around since the late 80's starting as a manga, but was only recently animated by Madhouse. Sentai Filmworks bought the license for North American release, and announced at their panel at AX that Parasyte will be on Toonami this October. It's going to be a very strange Halloween. You can watch the series now on Crunchyroll, I, however recommend waiting a little while for the dubbed version.

Parasyte centers on a young Japanese high school student Shinichi Izumi. One day he awakens to find his right hand has been taken over by a parasitic being that can change his right hand into a weapon and give him super-like strength and other abilities. He gives his new hand the name of Righty, what else would you name it? The series isn't about becoming a super hero. Taking a darker road, Shinichi isn't the only one infected and not just in the area of one's hand. This leads to confrontations with parasyte creatures that crave human flesh and can change their bodies into horrible forms.

The booth outside for Parasyte gave out posters, pins and let you take a picture with their own Parasyte mascot while holding some huge eyeballs. At certain times if you took a photo with their mascot you could earn some free ice cream at the nearby Parasyte truck.

Parasyte will be a welcomed new horror series coming to a broader audience just in time for Halloween, we''ll remind you in October.

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