Sunday, July 26, 2015

Game Hype: Time Crisis 5 Review, weird titles and Royce

Time Crisis 5 and other arcade game reviews

An insane man with a robotic arm, his name, Wild Dog. I look like a surfer who got stuck in a fashion tornado, my partner looks like a male escort from a 90's movie. I'm playing Time Crisis 5 with the new left and right foot pivot pedal system and thanking the Japanese for not understanding or even attempting to understand American culture. Three levels look like 80's Miami with a plot right out of every other video game ever. This game is old-school shooter fun available at Dave & Buster's on Hollywood and Highland.

Three levels, different positions and a boss that won't die will take up a good twenty minutes or more of your time. The story is far-fetched. The villain a complete farce, made-up of other villains.  Whatever story that is taking place has no basis in reality. The only reality is an action movie that let's you work in real time with friend.

You and a buddy are playing at the same time taking out Wild Dog's easy to kill men, robot tank and drones. Flying Drones? All while taking cover from the left or  right. Which isn't a gimmick, if you can master where to be you can taking down enemies before they know where to shoot.

You're not always on the ground. Switch from riding motorcycles to shooting a machine gun from a helicopter. It's Die Hard and every other action movie ever and you're the star.

You're dressed like a hobo found clothes though.

True Mastermind Edition is suppose to update the game later this 2015. New arcade games can be updated now. My partner and I were left with another bad guy to worry about at the end of the game. Guess will have to wait for the update to see what this mysterious swordsman will do.

What did update was Mario Kart Arcade GP DX, Metal Mario and Rosalina can now join you with races with up to four people.

Jurassic Park Arcade, which came out in March, was finally tested. Raw Thrills, maker of the game, have usually been cheap with their licensed titles The game plays like it was made by the Japanese. I have to mention the utterly bizarre take that your suppose to be shooting tranquilizer darts when it's rather obvious those dinosaurs are dead after you shoot them with a machine gun. You can zap and freeze velociraptors with other fun power-ups that make the older Jurassic Park arcade game, well, look like a fossil. Kill some dinosaurs today.

All machines available at Dave & Buster's Hollywood as of writing this.

Weird Titles and event

 That Glitch City event I mentioned in early July had some weird games to play. Read about it in LA  Weekly: An Artist Made a Video Game About Her Grandmother — Using Images of Vaginas

Royce's Arcade 1st Anniversary

Royce's Arcade just had it's 1st Anniversary. Congratulations.!They've also promised to do reenact this video if they reach 1,000 like on Facebook.