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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Mom Just Walked In Button

PlayStation 4 game Gal Gun Double Peace, a Japanese only shooter where cute girls vie for your attention and you have to shoot them with pheromones to knock them out-yeah it's real-let's you press a button so MOM won't know what you're doing. The game has many scenes that your Mommy might find naughty. So the PS4 version comes with the first-that-we've-heard of "Mom Just Walked In Screen". Press a button to pause the game and have this screen pop-up changing everything to 16-bit and not dirty.

Those are even the main characters from the game, just compliant with Standards and Practices.

Will we see more games come up with this handy feature? Will the become playable mini-games within regular games and have their own genre, a genre of "Mom Just Walked In Games"?


 This is what the "Mom Just Walked In Screen" will be used for