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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

LA Links: Police Killings Are Up, The Millennium Will Be Built Because

"Detectives said he was unarmed but refused to get out of his black BMW after crashing it head-on into a deputy's patrol car. He repeatedly drove forward and reversed, and deputies unsuccessfully used "different levels of non-lethal force," including pepper spray and Tasers, Hernandez said.
Deputies continued struggling with the man, who struck a deputy with his open driver's side door, trapping him between the BMW and a patrol car. At that point, four deputies opened fire, and an unknown number of bullets struck the man."

Number of L.A. County police killings climbs to 22 this year

"The Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety has signed off on geology reports that found that no active earthquake fault runs under the site of the Millennium Hollywood development, even though the state geologist last year concluded there was one."

 L.A. OKs Hollywood skyscrapers despite quake concerns