Saturday, July 11, 2015

CHRONIC-CON Episode 420: A New Dope Review What Were You Smoking When You Made This

CHRONIC-CON Episode 420: A New Dope
$12.99 Keep
$4.99 Rent

Doug you're better than this.

A poorly edited doc about Doug Benson walking around Comic-Con yelling out, "Morgan Spurlock!"

As an avid fan of Doug Benson, I download and listen to the podcast Doug Loves Movies every week to hear him make fun and quiz other comedians on film, it's a hard sell to see why this was made. An episode of Doug Loves Movies is edited into the film, so as a fan... that was there. That's about all the fun the film connects to why I like Doug Benson. The rest...

The rest is a mess of Doug Benson just going around Comic-Con a few years ago. I say mess because of the editing and transitioning between Doug hosting the movie while high, doing a stand-up act, hosting Doug Loves Movies and him sort of looking for Morgan Spurlock. Done by shouting out his name at random outside the convention center. Though at the start we see him using his Twitter fans to look for him.  Doug's after him merely to say, "Hey, I'm taking your idea about a comic-con doc, but in mine I smoke pot."

It's not very entertaining, he meets Brian Posehn and Kevin Smith with SLIGHTLY interesting stories. This follows a trend of him talking to other people and repeating what happened in those previous conversations. From editing stand point I don't know why this was left in other than Doug not saying anything funny that could be used. It's very repetitive.

He meets other comic-con fans, where I thought there would be some great digs or some fun adventure. No. There's hardly an real interaction.]lpp]l

Mostly, it's Doug just talking to the camera people watching and of course smoking pot. If only that pot made him say something funny.

As a fan, I have to question why he's charging $12.99 on Amazon and $4.99 to rent something that seems to have required very little work on his part past paying an editor and a camera crew to follow him for a few hours.

We'll always enjoy your podcasts,  just not your films.