Friday, July 24, 2015

DWP Keeps Sucking

Remember how the DWP was caught wasting our money, well they're also in charge of handling their own punishment (so far) and reforms. As you might have thought, little to nothing has changed.

The silliest part is that the two non-profit organizations that have taken 40 million dollars still have no real explained value or explanation of what they do for safety training. Instead of just abolishing them there has been the suggestion of putting them into one worthless non-profit.

DWP nonprofits slow to make reforms called for in city audit

"Board President Mel Levine said “unscrambling the mess” at the nonprofits will take time, but he expects more “tangible” progress in the next sixty days. “I would like to see more changes, I would like to see them quicker, but these are steps in the right direction.”"

Please fire everyone at the top, LA City Council. That's how you reform the LADWP.