Friday, July 31, 2015

Amplitude Waiting Until Christmas, They Never Heard of Christmas In July

Amplitude just set a blew away my summer holiday. The earliest version of the game coming out, on the PS4, won't be out until December and that's only if you paid for early access on Kickstarter. Everyone else won't get the game until January. That's not all, even with the extra time no online multiplayer.

What they are adding is 31 songs, if you paid that high a tier, the main game will be 16 songs. With that and no online multiplayer is "2 more playable environments, unique path topology per song, and more play modes. We are now shipping a solo campaign, solo free play, 2-4 player “free-for-all”, and an all-new team play mode (1v3, 2v2)."-From that latest update.

For a fan of the series and playing a version at E3 I can't understand what the hold-up really is. Unless updating on PSN cost companies extra they should just release the game.

This is why I grew tired with Kickstarter and stopped the Kickstarter LA segment, LA Game Space you there? I'm waiting on multiple items still, including this game. Bee and Puppycat, you wanna finish your season? All of these things should have come out already.

I honestly wish there was a punishment where money is taken away or Kickstarter blemishes you with a big sticker on your Kickstarter that reads, "Failed to produce on time."