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Monday, May 4, 2015

Kinokuniya Santa Monica

Hidden in the Mitsuwa Marketplace is a new Kinokuniya book store. If you've ever been to the one in Little Tokyo it's like stepping into a slightly smaller version as this place has almost everything the other does. If you need stationery, special pens-I mean those pens the cost a little bit more and someone asks where you got'em and you say, "I'll never tell, tee-hee."-those kind. There's a huge selection of current Japanese magazines, manga -yes, in English too-, and art books.  They have desk and school accessories to spruce up your room or workplace. If you want something from Japan, you don't have to go that far.

If you're ever stuck in the area or need to grab something on your way to the beach go inside as the adjacent market has all those Japanese goodies you might like to get.

Kinokuniya Santa Monica
Hidden inside Mitsuwa Marketplace
3760 S Centinela Ave 
Los Angeles, CA 90066
Phone: 310-482-3382