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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I Want Watamote!

"Watamote or No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys' Fault I’m Not Popular!" explores the life of a true introvert. The girl that needs no introduction at all! Scratch that, the girl that needs not only an introduction but a name tag. Tomoko Kuroki perhaps the world's most antisocial High School-er is at it again but this is in crystal clear Blu-ray and dubbed for your convenience. 

The anime explorers her unfortunate misadventures from spending countless summer days bored out of her mind to her to her world of awkward delusions. This anime is a black comedy with elements of satire and references to other great animes. These include but are not limited to: K-ON!, Attack On Titan and Death Note.

Watamote is an anime for the whole family from novice anime viewers to hardcore anime fans , anyone can enjoy the misfortune of poor Tomoko. 

Her Adventures don't end in the anime but are continued in seven mangas. Exploring the twisted world of Tomoko Kuroki is strangely pleasurable. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like the English manga version will come with the special Tomoko figurine that Japan got.The anticipated final English translated manga of Watamote is scheduled to be released on 5/19/2015. Make sure the pick it up at your local anime bookstore. 

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If you have some serious fliff to throw around
You can purchase this beautiful Tomoko Figure.
(Not pictured above)

By Andrew R. Gallardo