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Monday, May 25, 2015

Adventure Time Time: Finnale, Adventure Time Season 6 Ends Next Week

Adventure Time abruptly comes to a close with a week of all new episodes starting Jun 1. After that... who knows when will get new episodes; there's been no other news about the feature film. With all new episodes, maybe, just maybe will get some answers to long time story arcs with Finn's Dad.

Did anyone like David Ferguson's Adventure Time episode "Water Park Prank," well did you?

Adventure Time had a new original graphic novel come out: 
Adventure Time Original Graphic Novel Vol. 5 Graybles Schmaybles

Synopsis: Finn & Jake wake up in the treehouse after having the same troubling dream of something calling their names. The boys find a little purple cube with a small face on one side. They soon discover that it’s able to fabricate and activate a little hovering prism, which transforms into a triangular screen, which they all start to watch together. It begin in the Ice Kingdom...Finn and Jake better be prepared for the adventure of a lifetime! Written by the super talented Danielle Corsetto (ADVENTURE TIME PIXEL PRINCESSES) and illustrated by amazing Zachary Sterling, this is going to be a crazy ride!

The fan made Adventure Time video game is still making progress.