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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Ultraman Plans

These poorly dressed people now control the fate of Ultraman. Thai company, Chaiyo announced the formation of ULTRAMAN USA INC, last Sunday here in Hollywood. With it comes news of a 2018 movie and the release of Ultraman on Blu-ray in the US. The superhero known for his girth and lasers shooting out of his arms is well known to fans in Japan with multiple series stretching decades back.

Plans include releases of Ultra Q, Ultraman, UltraSeven, Return of Ultraman, Ultraman Ace and Ultraman Taro and Jamborg Ace on Blu-ray with possibility of a dub tracked for the first time ever in the US. Here's hoping on Ultra Q, a prequel series of Ultraman that put out crazy random tales of giant monsters and aliens.

A new film in the series was announced with a horrible title for the English reader: Ultraman Vs. Gomola in Japan Olympic 2020. They better have someone rewrite that title for the American audience. Supposedly the film will use modern Hollywood effects and forgot the man-in-suit effects of yesteryear. It has, get this, a monster attacking Japan after earthquakes ruin the 2020 Olympics, yeesh.

There was no news of any sort of model to get fans to watch any modern Ultraman series in the US via an online outlet or TV channel. Which has worked so well for Doctor Who and the well known Power Rangers. With that part omitted it seems that the new company is bound to fail at getting a major increase of fans over here in the US. I'm happy we're getting Blu-ray love, but get a distribution model to make your series popular instead of just niche to ultrafans.

via therealmcast