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Friday, May 15, 2015

You Must Be This Nerdy To Ride

from guest writer Israel Roldan,
 owner of World 8

Remember Gore Magala? It’s back in roller coaster form. Finally Monster Hunter fans can confront their favorite Monster and the fear of being outdoors at the same time. Going on now until August 10th Six Flags Magic Mountain has converted its signature roller coaster Goliath into the clawed winged, six limb monster from Capcom’s Monster Hunter 4. You might remember Goliath not as a giant from the bibles David and Goliath but for its 255ft almost vertical drop, and 85 mph speed. This makes Goliath one of the fastest drops in the world (the faster one being pushed out of an airplane at 12000 feet without a parachute) I know a lot of us have already ridden the ride before but there is nothing like a fresh spin on an old classic. 

If that’s not enough to get your nerd juices flowing remember there is also limited edition Monster Hunter Merchandise available for purchase at the gift shop (that’s where they get ya) ever had Devil Jho’s Extra Fancy Pickles (that’s not code for something there is actually such a thing) Sold out unfortunately. But I hear you guys; “What If I’m not that familiar with this marvelous form of entertainment? And I drive a pickup truck.”  For those that aren’t too familiar with this growing craze that is Monster Hunter, a playable demo station or two has been set up at the Cyber Café. Just try not to eat too much before you get on the ride.