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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Dr. Mi Ah is Haim Saban: Playing Chroma Squad This Weekend

We just got into Chroma Squad this weekend over here at TTDILA and it couldn't be more meta if possible. They game that let's you manage and fight as a Japanese super hero team has a greedy baddy named Dr. Mi Ah who wants royalties even though you start your own studio in the game. In real life the makers of Chroma Squad were going to be sued by Haim Saban who owns the Power Rangers and in a fitting form of revenge he's represented in the game by Dr. Mi Ah who tries to ruin your Chroma Squad studios or make you pay him.

I guess Saban just doesn't care that the game that has " Based on Power Rangers," on all its icon images indirectly insults him and the whole situation that had game maker, Behold Studios, bow down to him and his lawyers instead of probably losing a lengthy and high costing court battle.