Thursday, May 7, 2015

It's Fun To Kill as Jason Voorhees

I've been killing people lately. I've never had more fun. Don't be worried, I'm not your mailman, but should you trust him anyway?

Jason Voorhees is playable now as DLC for Mortal Kombat X and as a fan of both horror movies and violence I couldn't be more thrilled to cut people up with a giant's a machete, I forget machete. Damn, when was the last Friday the 13th?

As Jason you'll kill people with special moves only and undead serial killer gaining inhuman invincibility for a few seconds, unstoppable slashing and of course throwing a machete at people.

If you thought he wouldn't fit in the game, then you're dead wrong. Jason slashes up the competition. He may not have one liners like I just wrote, but he makes up for it with his total lack of emotion and the whole novel concept of just showing up to take on Mortal Kombat characters.

Should he have he gotten his own Crystal Lake level and should Sub-Zero do more damge to him  being ice-based? Yes, but that's not in the game. What's in the game is a horror movie icon designed to be just as brutal as any other playable fighter you want to perform fatalities with.

Do we just need a stand alone horror icon fighter game?

DLC provided by publisher for review