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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

LADWP Newest Offense Billing Elderly Couple $51,000

In another huge mistake on the part of the LADWP they billed an elderly couple $51,000 by mistake and have yet to rectify that matter. The couples painful dealings with the DWP could happen to anyone and shouldn't be happening if it wasn't managed so poorly and as most would say criminally.

Van Nuys couple's $51,649.32 DWP horror story

This news comes on the DWP trying to raises prices when they've shown nothing in managing  money correctly in recent years with a huge assortment of problems from a terrible new billing system and constant poor maintenance of the city. Let's not forget the $40 million in safety training that still needs to go through the court system that the city is still fighting over with the DWP.

DWP Management needs to be fired before any more money should be asked for.