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Friday, March 7, 2014

Why Are You Reporting This? Glendale's Eventual Arcade Auction, The guy who didn't invent Bitcoins

Glendale's Eventual Arcade Auction

It must be a slow news days for the LA Times, ABC and LAist going after the story of arcade machines going to auction... with no date of an auction. TTDILA covered the story a little while back after a Daily News report. The city of Glendale bought a local arcade and all it's contents for about a million dollars for its land for a Museum of Neon art, they did this with state money that was eventually taken away from them when a program was cut. Now the state said all the care about is land so Glendale can sell the arcade machines. That is essentially the entire story, which for an average person has little to nothing to do with their lives.

TTDILA brought it up as it ties to our general theme of covering all video game related activities in the LA and the utter stupid bureaucracy of local government that forced Glendale to hold onto arcade machines for a number of years.

None of the articles about this auction reveal a date for said auction which would have made the story have a point, instead it's a story where the city of Glendale might have some arcade machines it owns appraised.

In all likely hood they'll be bough by local arcade Vintage Arcade Superstore, they local Glendale Council seems to be dreaming they'll be getting a lot more for the machines needing a second appraisal.

The other news that makes me weep is a story about someone not being the inventor of Bitcoins.

The guy who didn't invent Bitcoins

In another slow news day multiple sites around LA our reporting on a local elderly Japanese man who says he didn't invent Bitcoins, the online form of currency that seems to be a big feature in media today. Newsweek says he did, but Mr. Dorian Nakamoto denies it.

Even if he is the inventor of bitcoins he seems like he wants to be left alone, but that didn't stop a bunch of reporters from asking the most meaningless questions of the people he interacts with such as the owner of a local model train store.

 Bitcoin mystery: Satoshi Nakamoto a regular at Pasadena train shop

Thank goodness you found out he likes model trains LA Times. That's so relevant to him possibly inventing bitcoins. Online money and model trains are just the same thing. I think the real Bitcoin mystery is why that was a story at all.