Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tiger and Bunny LA Special Shop

From a recent press release it looks like Tiger and Bunny will have merchandise on sale through Anime Jungle at the screenings Friday-Sunday this weekend.

"As a special treat for Los Angeles moviegoers, Little Tokyo's own Anime Jungle will be opening shop at the Downtown Independent movie house, selling TIGER & BUNNY goods imported directly from Japan. In addition to these items, which will only be available at the Los Angeles screenings, Anime Jungle will have a wide array of other TIGER & BUNNY items from among their stock available for purchase. The shop will open for customers from one hour before show time during theFriday, Saturday, and Sunday screenings. Once all of the merchandise for the weekend has been sold, Anime Jungle's special distribution of the items at the Los Angeles screenings will cease. Only individuals who are valid ticketholders will be able to purchase anything from the shop after they have been granted entry and admission. In addition to the merchandise for sale, ticketholders will receive an exclusive complementary TIGER & BUNNY: The Rising clear file and 12" x 18" double-sided cardstock movie poster while supplies last"

Tickets for the Los Angles screenings at Downtown Independent may be purchased for $15 (tax and fees not included) at: