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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Punisher in LA Times and LA Weekly

Nathan Edmonson, current writer of The Punisher, signing news got wind to the LA Times, LA Weekly and Hugo's Restaurant. The Punisher's newest comic arc has the skull-wearing hero fighting Electro and the Dos Soles Cartel in LA. Even before his signing's, Edmonson had interviews with the LA Times' Hero Complex; turns out Dos Soles is based on MS-13.

Check out the Hero Complex interview here

L.A., meet Frank Castle: Nathan Edmondson on his West Coast Punisher

LA Weekly's Squid Ink couldn't pass up talking to Edmonson about the Nickel Diner and where he name drops Hugo's Restaurant as his own breakfast hangout. Have you ever read an article about why the Punisher eats what he eats?

The Punisher's Nathan Edmondson on Frank Castle and Maple Glazed Bacon Doughnuts

Much of the interview is devoted to Nickel Diner's Maple Bacon donuts.

Then Squid Ink has a break down of where the Punisher would like to eat in LA

The Punisher aka Frank Castle's Favorite L.A. Restaurants

All these interviews are going to have to make me work even harder at mine, yup TTDILA will be interviewing Mr. Edmonson on his Punisher run too...hopefully before any of the other local papers get to him.