Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger Japanese Ghost Trains with beer down the track

In the latest version of the Super Sentai teams that have given us the footage to create the Power Rangers of the West we have a train theme and the whole team believing that they might have died and become ghosts. I thought Kamen Rider Gaim was riding the crazy train with its concept of fruit based powers coming from another dimension while different dance troupes battle for control of the city, but they don't have a talking robot puppet monkey named Ticket with attitude.

By the way this new series, Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger is totally for kids. In the second episode were tackling fears of the newly named rangers called ToQgers about if they might have all died and become ghosts. Way, way too much for little kids to be tackling on a show about trains coming together to form a giant robot that fights monsters. Not ending the themes that shouldn't be near children at all is the show's evil doers of the Shadow Line.

The Shadow Line's plot to take over the world so far have involved kidnapping children to take them away forever--these are the show main viewers-- and forcing people duel each other with strange weapons. Average citizens having to take out weird sci-fi weapons and blast each other or be beaten up by the second monster of the series. The evil Shadow Line grows when it absorbs the sadness and fear of people, the ultimate plan is to have its tracks all over the world and what better way then forcing people to hurt each other in some sort of a sick game or stealing kidnappings them from their parents.

To stop them is the newly formed Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger Sentai Team with a train motif. This new team has  odd powers previous Sentai Teams haven't seen. Blatantly made fun of by the show itself is the ability for ToQgers to switch lines with their morphers/ transforming devices, becoming each others color and gaining their teammates weapons and powers. Popping out their colored toy trains the can pass them to each other and become any colored version of each other on the team.

In the first episode the Red, I guess now Number 1 or their leader, "Right" started switching between each of his other team members colors to his delight and using all of their attacks and weapons on the new hatted henchmen. The new Pink Sentai members weapon, the "bridge claw" is notable for its power to shrink enemies. The delight the Ping Sentai, pig-tailed Kagura took in shrinking some henchmen then using her main weapon to poke them to death like ants was a mix of cute meets sick. Pink's character also imagines herself with brave feats and actions before harnessing the power of other colored suits so far making her shortly be an American super hero and a Kung-Fu girl in her own head.
Powers are "imagination" based which hasn't been fully explained yet into the show leading to odd powers and abilities.

Imagination based powers lend to some truly questionable final attacks. When a bazooka made from the combined weapons of there heroes, a standard of the show, fires a rainbow train into an enemy in the first episode it ends with a sad child statue forming in the enemies hands-- he was the child kidnapping monster--then multiplying all over him and exploding with the monster uttering he didn't understand as did the Pink sentai.

Overused sex in a show for kids is easily evident with Wagon, who could easily be a prostitute bot on top of being a simple seller of snacks and drinks to the team on their train base. A train base with the one-named Conductor who has a monkey puppet named Ticket he talks to the team with. So far the Conductor has been helpful to the team telling them where to go and who to fight. I'd really love it if he turns out to just be some sort of dark figure or insane person as he seems to know something about the lost memories of the team.

In getting into the other villains there's a sub-plot about Madam Noir giving off her daughter, Miss Gritta, a fat uglier bratty girl monster to the Emperor of Darkness, a yet unseen monster and leader of the Shadow Line. Madame Noir, one of the main baddies with sort of a dragon monster of head still has an outline with large boobs.Ugly Miss Gritta might not be in love with this unseen leader as she swoons over General Schwarz, who looks like half-Nazi robot, half-Doctor Doom and can move his metallic teeth, yet no other monster in the show can even though they do have mouths.

Will this be one of the series where it turns out that the team was already dead? If so it might go down as the weirdest sentai series in history and that's saying something.

Parody again will  take place with a series akin to Akiba Ranger coming down the tracks in April, " Kanpai Senshi After V" or translated "Cheers Warriors After Five" about a team of sentai heroes that comes together after battles to enjoy beers together.