Friday, March 7, 2014

LA Times Really Desperate To Make Some Sort of Story Over Bitcoins

The LA Times earlier today reported on how Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto, a elderly Japanese man living in Temple City who might be the inventor of Bitcoins enjoys model trains. One of the many stories the LA Times is reporting that are the saddest pieces of journalism ever. The LA Times is either trying to generate keyword finds online or has grown so big it requires multiple reporters to follow one story about a man who doesn't seem to really care. 

Not one person can cover an old man being harassed, each trying to find some sort of angle. The newest angle; the deputies who made the Newsweek reporter who broke the "story"  leave Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto's home were quoted accurately? I guess some of the time people aren't quoted accurately?

Deputies: Newsweek Bitcoin story quoted Satoshi Nakamoto accurately

Really drawing at straws here LA Times.

I'm still amazed the editor said yes to

Bitcoin mystery: Satoshi Nakamoto a regular at Pasadena train shop

A story about how Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto like building model trains, very relevant to Bitcoins.

And yet, even under withering scrutiny, the story continued to occupy a strange limbo in which it didn't seem to offer conclusive proof and yet contained a number of compelling coincidences that couldn't be completely dismissed.
 It's like they understand how worthless the article is in

For Dorian Nakamoto, bitcoin article brings denials, intrigue

That same article gets rather meta and the media doesn't seem to care about how reporters themselves are creating a story with no proof and that the story is more about them going after an elderly man who just wanted a free lunch, literally got a free lunch from an AP reporter. The quote from the same article really sums it up.

 "At best, it's extremely irresponsible journalism," said Peter Vessenes, chief executive of CoinLab and chair of the Bitcoin Foundation. "At worst, it's putting an ordinary citizen at extraordinary physical and emotional risk."

Will the real creator of bitcoin please stand up?

stands to the testament of rewriting what happened already.

The only bit on bitcoins that might be fascinating is how Reddit users are raising bitcoins to give to Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto either thanking him for creating them or just hearing about his modest lifestyle through the ongoing meta reporting of the media clinging to a story that isn't there.

Donors pledge bitcoins to Dorian S. Nakamoto; tally now up to $12,500