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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Game Hype: My Famicase Exhibition, Mario Kart Real, ShiftyLook Dead

This years, My Famicase Exhibition is open with all video game cartridge cover art due March 31st. Each year the video game fashion store of Japan, Meteor shows off a collection of cartridge art submitted by artists from around the world. Here's the translated entry page.

 Mario Karting Reimagined at SXSW. If your at South by Southwest out in Texas you can play a real life version of Mario Kart.

ShiftyLook is dead. The comic site based on Namco Bandai properties recently ceased publishing. The site reimagined many Namco Bandai characters and recently came up with a bizarre dating sim based around them written by the creator of Homestuck.

Namco Bandai seems to be incapable or understanding the America. How many years ago did Bandai Entertainment die and so many anime titles with it? Namco Bandai in Japan is so big and powerful, but here it's considered a joke at this point for it's lack of quality in games. For example: Star Trek The Game wasn't even released to critics because it was so bad. It worked on two animated cartoon show games, Young Justice and ThunderCats, both WB Animation and had to release them after each series was already cancelled.

Maybe bad companies stick together because Beware The Batman isn't back from hiatus and Green Lantern died a slow painful death on Cartoon Network as well.

This company has nothing other than the Lost Souls series in America and rides off of past titles and cheap Japanese games unfit for American play.

Many are waiting to see what they'll do with the Smash Bros series which worries so many. Could it be so hard for them to innovate or try?