Thursday, March 6, 2014

Disney Interactive Game Over For 700 Employees

In not that a surprising feat Disney Interactive has let go of 700 employees as it shuffles it's business to show it can be profitable. Disney Interactive has suffered for years and has been known for being the only part of Disney not to make a profit until recently for it's new toy buying scheme of Disney Infinity.

Disney Interactive known for its lackluster titles ;many forced adaptions of films, keeps putting down fans of the video game genre. The recent acquisition of Lucas Arts Entertainment including Star Wars titles shows no in-house Star Wars games being made for consoles.

This part of Dsiney has long been known for buying up smaller game companies then destroying them over time.

Disney Interactive will carry the title of shovel-ware, cheap fast games made for profit with little to nothing behind them except the Disney license.

Those at the top of Disney Interactive should be watched closely for how they've handled the company over the years, that is if anyone stays on board that long.

via Cartoon Brew