Thursday, March 6, 2014

Catch A Contractor A Con?

Adam Carolla's new show hasn't even premiered on Spike and it's already deep in 200 gallons of sewage. Adam Carolla's Catch A Contractor premieres this Saturday, March 8 on Spike with back-to-back episodes. The show's premise is Carolla and his team going after contractors who have screwed over families not finishing their work or doing lackluster jobs and making them redo their work. Now Spike TV and his new show are in some stinky hot water with a lawsuit from a family claiming the repairs that the show did while fixing their bathroom caused 200 gallons of sewage to fester in their home underneath the house and in its walls. That's right, they lived in a poop house. Now the family is suing Spike and the show for up to 2 million dollars is damages.