Thursday, March 6, 2014

Cartoon Hype: Head of Turner Animation Going Away

Stu Snyder is leaving as president and chief operating officer of Turner Animation which owns and controls Cartoon Network and Adult Swim. Stu left on bad terms with David Levy, former head of sales and distribution for Turner  who took on the title of president. Conflicts mounted and Stu has now left with no one yet announced to take his place.

This comes from a major reconstructing in Warner Bros/Turner itself that should lead to multiple problems on projects as a small battle for head of the company came to a close. We should be hearing about odd ideas, internal problems, massive changes for all Warner Bros projects in the near future. We already have for the next Batman Vs Superman film which will suffer greatly from executive control issues and recently changes it's release date.

For those who enjoy Cartoon Network and Adult Swim as how it's currently run be prepared for massive problems with a new person coming in charge usually causing much internal strife, power struggles and baseless decisions to show how powerful new executives can be. Shows you once loved could be pulled or projects ended for "fresh thinking" as quoted from David Levy's e-mail to employees on Stu's departure.

Cartoon Network and Adult Swim's ratings have been stellar; Adult Swim's hours are even expaning with more content. Losing someone that far up over internal squabbles leaves the future of Carton Network and Adult Swim up to question.