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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

BMX Cyclists Bunny Hop Over Downtown's Homeless

NBC4 shared some depressing video where two BMX cyclists are jumping over the homeless in downtown LA. Much of the community has been disgusted by the video and the lack of respect and danger it had for the downtrodden. The video became popular on a Facebook page for a local bike shop, OSS-short for On Some Sh*t. Yeah, that;s the real name.

NBC interviewed the owner of the store, Adam Grandmaison, as why he thought it was appropriate to post the video on the store Facebook page to which he didn't think it would matter that much. The store owner claims that none of those involved are on his payroll, but a Facebook commenter is saying different as well as many people calling him and them douchebags.

Those seen in the video were Brandon Begin, Jeff Cadger and David Gran. 
The address of the store is
127 E 5th St
Los Angeles, CA 90013

This new video came out on the OSS Facebook page just a little before the antics of the Marathon Crash Course annoyance where other cyclists were denied by the city to have their yearly night race and instead was turned into a fun ride.