Monday, March 3, 2014

Adventure Time Time: Can You Buy The Ice King's Castle?

-ComicsAlliance has another interview with an Adventure Time Comic writer, Kate Leth for her upcoming,  Adventure Time: Seeing Red, the third original  AT graphic novel. In it, Finn and Jake help Marcie on a mission in the Nightosphere. Adventure Time: Seeing Red come out March 5.

- Card Wars - Adventure Time is now available on Android devices too

-After watching the events of last week's episode "Betty" do you wonder what will happen next between her and the Ice King or what she's become, if she's become anything that is. "Betty" was a major tearjerker/weird episode.

-The good folks over at Movoto who broke down how much Finn and Jake's Treehouse might be in today's market have broken down how much the Ice King's Castle would be at $858,550. They were quite thorough, recapping many episodes, they even put in the the secret ninja room. However, I feel the price is a bit cheap for a place made out of ice, something not that common an occurrence.