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Friday, November 1, 2013

No Toilets In LA

A recent Daily News' article once again reflects my utter disdain for the incompetent Metro services.

Winnetka residents say lack of toilets on Orange line a problem

This sad and funny article by Kelly Goff shows the stupidity of how the Metro is run. The Orange line, fourteen miles of Metro, has but two toilets! Two!

The current problem has been defecation near the Pierce College stop. Residents are of course angered by having fecal matter on the street.

Just writing this is both funny and sad, we are not a third world country.

What shows Metro's lack of any cognitive reasoning is it blaming others to make a bathroom for the area and saying the don't own the land, but Pierce or the city does and should make the bathroom. The city just wants the issue resolved and says they'd pay half the cost for a new bathroom/s with Pierce or Metro, whoever makes one.

Recently, Metro's Union Station was featured on an episode of Agents of SHIELD and has Invisible Cities, a live play in the station listened through paid earphones, going on through November. There getting extra revenue and what is it going towards? Who is it going to? Why isn't it going to bathrooms?

Why aren't there bathrooms?

Cost and crime says Metro.

However, people need to go to the bathroom and it's unreasonable for them not to accommodate their own travelers. It's just human decency.

Honestly, where do they think homeless people can go? We understand the problems, but too bad, the cost is literal feces in our streets.

It's not just the Metro, going downtown LA without a certain venue in mind can leave you needing to go with no place unless you spend some cash.