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Monday, November 25, 2013

LA Links: Satoshi Matsumoto? Posters, LAPD Zombies, Crime Scene Ribbons

While looking for reviews for R100 from the recent AFI Fest, many don't seem to like the film, I found a review by Daniel Grove. Oddly enough, he links back to when I was writing about Elijah Wood back in October with SpectreFest. He is an Executive Producer with Elijah on the world’s first  Persian Vampire Western, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night. Just so out of the blue.

For a writer he must have not had a copy editor at ScreenCraft, because he misspelled Hitoshi Matsumoto, director of R100 as Satoshi Matsumoto. Was just watching some Downtown subs, so it caught my eye. Downtown is Hitoshi's comedy troupe and can refer to his Japanese TV show.

MONDO MYSTERY MOVIE XI in Los Angeles sold out in two hours. The exclusive event where you give your cash in advance to see unknown films and get special Mondo posters sold out in a mere two hours after tickets sales went up online. For those lucky enough to get in the event takes place at The Crest on Dec 14.

Updated: Gallery1988 Black Friday Sale

 I don't know how I missed the LAPD Zombie Video, I just visited their site.

LAPD does list tips for Black Friday and has the strangest holiday seal. Is that caution tape ribbons?
Who is their graphic designer?