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Saturday, November 16, 2013

LA EigaFest 2013 Dec. 6-8

The LA EigaFest returns, why it doesn't happen at all in Little Tokyo, which does have a movie theater, I'll never know.

LA EigaFest
Dec. 6-8
The Egyptian

The offical line-up has been announced:
  • Apology King
  • Unforgiven
  • Leaving on the 15th Spring
  • Seven Souls in the Skull Castle
  • Japan In A Day
  • The Story of Yonosuke
  • Samurai Pirates
  • The Devil’s Path
  • Nobody’s Perfect
  • Library Wars
  • The Wind Rises

Another fine selection for this year's festival. No EVA 3.0, we get that in theaters in January. Gatchaman was a hope too, sigh.

Some notable films playing for TTDILA's taste include: Library Wars, in a dark future Japan the law allows books to be censored by being destroyed. Rebels forces together for an all at war over books. Not some little hissy-fit, think war movie action.

Library Wars

Apology King comes from the man behind the hilarious Maiko Haaaan!!! . Comedian Sadao Abe will be teaching hot to apologizes to those in Japan who have big problems, it looks to be a surreal comedy that you can't miss.

Nobody's Perfect follows a grade school teacher who has no arms and legs based on a autobiography from someone who really became a teacher with no arms and legs.

Japanese posters just try and be exciting, the only way to get a decent poster in America is if Mondo or Gallery 1988 do them.