Monday, November 25, 2013

Fangamer X Attract Mode Posters

TTDILA Holiday Gift Guide strikes again!

From PAX Prime we have the Fangamer X Attract Mode posters. From that delightful art show that happened out there in Seattle hosted by the two lovers of non-suing video game art. For anyone who thought they got a limited edition at the show, sucks for you. For the rest of us, we can finally go and say we went to the show as long as none of our friends know us that well.

Each poster comes from trendy gaming artist that might capture and old school title to a newer series. Look through them all until you find the one that your friend will praise you for.

These aren't that cheap and made to order, may take two weeks to before shipping.

Side note* EarthBound Baaaash!

3 days of Earthbound love, which started Fangamer. Charity auctions.
  • Friday Nov 29 - Sunday Dec 1
  • Time: Each of the 3 daily broadcasts will start at Noon Pacific / 3PM Eastern
  • Duration: About 6 hours per day