Monday, November 18, 2013

Bamfs Now In Red and Blue

 Open your hypothetical wallet in the next junction of the TTDILA holiday gift guide.

Bamfs, these adorable little pests were more the stars of Amazing X-Men #1 then the coming back from the dead Nightcrawler. They've been plaguing the X-Men academy now known as the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning since it opened. These strange creatures can transport at will leaving a puff of smoke with the sound, "Bamf" coming from there arrival or departures, thus giving them their names. These blue little devils, bear an uncanny resemblance to Nightcrawler.

TTDILA remembers a more sinister incarnation of them from an evil future time-line from Grant Morrison's run on the X-Men. Now there drawn as cute as possible and in need for some merchandising through Mighty Fine and being turned into plushies thanks to Ed McGuinness and Dexter Vines art.

This brand new series, just introduced brand new red Bamfs, controlled by the evil dead red mutant pirate, yes pirate, Azazel. Their hunger for violence and being all but smaller versions of Nightcrawler make them hypothetcial holiday treats for X-Men fans.

Marvel get to work on making them collectibles, plushies, stickers and what not! Until then the olny thing we can buy are issues of Amazing X-Men for are Bamf addiction. Looking a little like the work of Mike Mignola these Bamfs could decorate your Christmas tree if they came in red and green.