Monday, November 11, 2013

DesignerCon 2013: Christopher Lee's Dragon Ball Prints

First Namek, Then World 1-1
Christopher Lee's booth payed homage to many different series from Kaiju monsters to Star Wars at DesignerCon 2013. You could miss Dragon Ball's homage when people crowded around looking at their favorite Saiyans and other aliens transformed into memes and cruel jokes of their former selves. These 5 x 5 prints captured the attention of any DBZ fan as a perfect form or evolution of mockery.

Christopher Lee's art might be recognized from a few other cons, the last Unique LA and some shows from Nucleus. He might have a piece in the upcoming Tokusastu 2 at Q Pop, with it's opening reception this weekend Nov 16. Introduced to DBZ abridged by a friend, an online fan-cut version of DBZ, he found the dialogue hilarious and opened up his mind to making fun of the fighting anime series.

 "How can I put a twist on this" , Chris told me at his DCon booth. He wanted to do something for DBZ fan art well out of the norm. After typing out his ideas in Google and finding no matches he started to created his own series of tiny prints featuring different DBZ villains and heroes. Making the silliest jokes based on minor details to jokes within DBZ abridged.

The evil Freeza's floating pod is now Bowser's Clown Car. Broly has made a friend with Yamcha's best bud the blue talking-cat Puar. Android 16 becomes a Gumball machine and Dende carries a glock.

Lee has more ideas in mind to change memorable DBZ fighters into almost "Hallmark moment cards". Though none could compare to Vegeta frowning while surrounded by kittens and puppies.

Check his site TheBeastISBACK for updates on availability of the prints, as of Nov 2013, when this was written they aren't available in his online shop and the series isn't finished.