Friday, November 22, 2013

Krampus Knit Christmas Devil Sweater from Shredders Knit Apparel

TTDILA Holiday Gift Guide, how do I have the coolest sweater at an ugly sweater Christmas party?

Shredders Knit Apparel

Now I've tried to get an interview or even some more info from the people behind these wonderfully frightening and disturbing sweaters to no avail. Maybe their a rogue group of Santa's elves trying to make an extra buck. Who knows? Who cares?

What you should care about are the looks you'll get. You'll be eyed and questioned as you put on TTDILA's favorite of the their selection the Krampus Knit Christmas Devil Sweater. From a European version of Christmas, a nightmarish anti-Santa that takes bad children away can be on your chest as you hug loved ones.

There's seven other sweater to choose from. All not that safe to wear around family who might question how your life might be going and why you chose to wear that to a family event. Around friends though, conversation starter.