Monday, November 25, 2013

DesignerCon 2013: What Was It?

DesignerCon 2013 filled the halls of the Pasadena Convention Center the first weekend of November. Fans of vinyls toys and specially collected art, plushies, T- Shirts and large statues took the convention center by force. By force I mean people walked around and enjoy booths filled with desk toys and hard to find shirts that might cost a pretty penny on shipping fees outside of an etsy store.

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My favorite Untitled Street Fighter piece

You got to have face time with many of the artist who didn't go down the street to Subway during lunch. Lucky for me, the boys over at SatelliteSoda just came back and with bread and cheese choked down said, "Hello",  and showed me their posters, stickers and their dreams of their animation pitch being picked up.

Theses boys are all working day jobs and like any story of LA are trying to show off what they can do. Their space opera concept looks worthy of any studio picking them up or a least letting them have a limited series.

They were joined by other talented folks, like they already written about Christopher Lee, each had a unique piece of art they were selling even lego sculptures. Though this year's Han Solo in carbonite was subpar. I don't how many cons our events I've gone too, but I've seen better.

Every aisle has a new booth to look. It grabs your attention and you see a joke made about Batman or Game of Thrones, they're turned into plushies or drawn like children. There might be no connection to the outside world that doesn't seem to care about copyright at these conventions and new ideas and strange look are before you like a garden of flowers. You can pick an array of flowers or see them wilt at the annual Suck-a-thin, a live show hosted by toy art Suckadelic that gets bigger every year, but not much more entertaining.

If you wanted something in limited number or rare to get you'll have to wait until next year.